Benevento Does Benevento: The pianist goes it alone, diving into multi-color textures and deep grooves (album review)

Marco Benevento, “Benevento” (Royal Potato Family)

Bubbling, exotic sounds à la the beer-bottle percussion bookending Herbie Hancock’s 1973 version of “Watermelon Man”; banks of tightly clustered keyboards a bit reminiscent of Joe Zawinul; wordless vocals deployed on a catchy sing-song melody; call-and-response passages; West Indian percussion courtesy of guest Mamadouba “Mimo” Camara; snatches of sampled speech — the aptly titled “Marco and Mimo” feels something like unexpectedly wandering onto a late-night Afro-Caribbean beach party, one where the contours of the music are unpredictable and the dancing is likely to continue until dawn. 

Read my full review for JazzTimes magazine here.

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