Marquis Hill Revisits, Refines the Music from His 2011 Debut (album review)

Marquis Hill, “New Gospel Revisited” (Edition)

Call it a successful back-to-the-future gambit: Marquis Hill, the gifted Chicago trumpeter and composer whose career has played out at an accelerando since he won the Thelonious Monk Competition in 2014, has returned to the scene of his lauded 2011 debut for a second, even more thrilling take on that release’s sophisticated, stirring compositions.

This time, he’s accompanied by a new band of blue-chip musicians: tenor saxophonist Walter Smith III, drummer Kendrick Scott, pianist/keyboardist James Francies, and fellow Chicagoans Joel Ross and Harish Raghavan on vibes and bass, respectively. Hill’s tunes, and his own playing, sound fresh and smartly reinvigorated.

Read the full review for JazzTimes mag here.

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